How to start blogging for free || part 3

Start Blogging For Free

Hello friends, Today I am going to tell you how you can start blogging for free. On this tutorial I just told about some basic topic. To read this post I recommend you to read my previous 2 parts. After reading my previous post you can read this post. Now I am going to tell about it.

So, Now I am tell you about how to create a free website using blogger. So, this is very easy. Just create a google account. Sign in with blogger. Then click on New Blog.. After that choose your website Title and after that choose a unique website address. Then click on Create Blog. After that you can see your website by clicking View Blog. Now you can post on your website. But to get more views and rank, this is not enough. You need a good theme and some other things. You need some SEO trick also to increase your website rank.

So, That's it, This very simple to create a blog using blogger. In future post I upload a post about how to get a free domain and how to connect this domain with blogger. So follow me to get those post fast.

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