How To Make Your Twitter Timeline Chronological


How To Make Your Twitter Timeline Chronological

Now you will not see "Miss Case A Miss" or tweet to other people.

Twitter has announced on Monday that it will allow you to toggle back in a timeline, which is the latest tweets and a timeline that shows tweets directed by "relevance". After more than two years of the company's complaint, users have been given a long clamber to return to the Chronicle timeline.

Twitter launched the controversial algorithmic timeline in early 2016. The default setting is "Show the best Tweets first", which means Twitter algorithm refers to what tweets you see and prioritize with many people involved with your follow up. People initially complained about this version of the timeline.

Before Twitter was changed on Monday, there was an option to turn off "Show first best Tweets" in your settings. If you do this, tweets will most likely appear in the opposite sequential order. However, there may always be an obstacle: Tweeting the "You Missed It" box from the people you follow and the proposed tweets from people you have not followed will still be present. Now, you do not want to see these Tweets.

Twitter's official support account writes, "We've learned that while showing the first-time best tweets, people think of Twitter as more relevant and useful." But we've heard feedback from those who like to see recent Tweets. "

You can toggle between two separate timelines in the "Content Preferences" section of the Twitter app's settings.

"Twitter Timed writes," Our timeline goal is to keep you balance of showing the latest tweets with your latest best tweets, but we do not always get this balance right. "

The company said that the switch will eventually be easy to access.

Twitter has mentioned benefits of its algorithmic timeline in the past, saying that less than 2% of its users were taken out of reinstatement.

One day before the announcement of the new option on Twitter, a functionality that lets you set the chronological timeline to using silent features is Viral.

Twitter has long planned this update and is not provoked by viral workarounds.

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