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Get a domain for free

Adding a custom domain to your blog, becoming more professional and increasing your space in search engines. Adding a custom domain to your blog blog will delete your registered domain extension at your blog, your blog, your blog,, or your blog on your blog. Today I'm going to share a great tutorial on how to register .tk, .ga, .gq, .cf, .ml domains for your blog and it is used as a custom domain name in blogger. This will certainly create a belief among your visitors and your audience will grow because people prefer to visit a custom domain blog instead of a sub-domain. So, let's use the forum domain name as a custom domain blog post on the tutorial blog.

How to register a Freenom domain:

  1. Just your .tk, .ml,. Follow the steps below for free CF, .ga, .gq domain name for free 1 year free. After completing, we will discuss how to use it as a custom domain in Blogger.

  2. Enter a great domain name for your blog and go to and check availability.
  3. Click it now if it is available! Button and the selected domain will be added to your cart.
  4. Then, click the checkout tab.
  5. On the next page, change the period from 3 months to 12 months (do not worry, it will remain free) and click continue
  6. Now enter your email address in the given place (shown in the photo) or you can use your social profile to login. If you want to sign up using an email address, then enter it and click Verify my email
  7. check out! You will receive a confirmation link to your email address. Just click that.
  8. Congratulations! You have registered your free domain.
Now it's time to set up to use it as a custom domain. To do this, follow the steps

How to set Freenom custom domain in Blogger?

  1. Go to your Blogger blog's dashboard and click the Settings tab.
  2. Under Publications, you'll see a button like this: "+ Set up a third party URL for your blog", click on that
  3. You just enter the domain name registered with Freenom (including www) and click Save
  4. It will show errors, do not worry, it does not mean that your Freenom domain is pointing to a DNS record.
  5. So, go to your freenom account. In the menu bar "Domain" click on the submenu "My Domains"
  6. Manage the domain and then manage Freenom DNS.
  7. Enter the CNAME records displayed by Blogger (Step 4)
  8. Also, add a record of these 4. (Keep the name blank and combine this value together with the targets.

    Click on Save changes. 
  9. Now, go to the Blogger account (like you go step 4) and click the save button again.
  10. It will not show any errors now and will be saved.Sometimes, updating DNS records can take a few minutes, so be patient if it still shows errors and tries to save it after 5-10 minutes.
  11. When it is saved, click Edit and check the return box and save it again

Well done! You have successfully setup a free custom domain name for your blogspot blog. Freenom domains can be used on any website rather than using a custom domain on blogger.

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