Common mistake of new bloggers || How to start blogging for free || Part 2

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Common mistake of new bloggers

Hello friends, in previous part I tell you about 3 common mistake of new bloggers. So today I am going to show you about more commom mistake of new bloggers. Today many people wants to come on blogging. Experienced people use wordpress because it is a advanced level website creator. But many beginners start blogging using Blogger. Blogger is totally free. It is a google service. Now I am going to tell about few more common mistake of new bloggers. If didn't saw my previous post then Click Here to go to my previous post.

4. Hacking Tutorial:-

Many people try to start their post Blogger of another host. How can I earn money. But hacking is illegal for all. Google is not support hacking tutorial.

5. Clicking in your own ads

Clicking in your own ads is one of the most common mistake. If you click in your own ad and for that many adsense account is supended. For that this is one of the most inportant.

6. Content

Content is very important for us. Many people just copy and paste others content. This is illegal. Copying others content your will not rank on google or other search engines.

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