Common mistake of new bloggers || How to start blogging for free || Part 1

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Common mistake of new bloggers

Hello friends, Today I am going to tell you how you can start your blogging for free. This post will be finish at a few parts. On this part I tell you about the common mistake of new bloggers.

1. Patience

Many people try to start blogging through blogger but most of people are failed. Because there is no patience in them. They come in blogger and create a account. After that they create a website and post one or more articles. Then they think their work is finished and then they do not post any more. They thought this enough. But this is not enough. Patience is the most important part of blogging. Without patience, you will not succeed. You need to post regularly. Work hard for at least 6 months - 1 year.

2. Copy Paste

The second mistake is copy paste. This very common mistake. Many people come on blogger then post others content. Copying the post of others, your website will not rank in Google or other search engines. So do not copy others post. Use your unique posts.

3. Promote

The third mistake is they do not promote their website on social media. This is very important to rank your post. If post about your site on social media then this will be your backlink. Without backlinks this very hard to rank your website.

There are more common mistake is available I will tell about those mistake in future. So, Stay with us.


  1. Thanks,this inforrmation very helpfull