Amazon became the second public US company to hit $ 1 trillion - Inform BD Tech

Amnesty's market capitalization stood at $ 1 trillion dollars on Tuesday after Apple became the second public American company to cross the milestone.

Amazon's market cap has passed trillions of dollars on Tuesday, it was the second-second commercially-formed American company to reach landmark after Apple in August.

E-commerce Behmont shares rose to $ 25050.50 on Tuesday morning, up from $ 2,050.27, the stock reached a trillion mark. Shares are sold in the evening.

In 1994, Jeff Bijos' online garage founder, Amazon, made it a diverse and comprehensive company, which is in the fingers of personal label clothing from voice-controlled device to grocery.

The company has acquired an online string of full-food online businesses recently in Japan and online. It respects its supply business with a last-mile delivery delivery known as Amazon Logistics, and it competes with online advertising on Facebook and Google.

The company has invested in its main network, with the expansion of the main benefits of new holiday recipes and new memberships specifically available to key members.

Meanwhile, in the fourth quarter, Amazon's cloud service business grew 49% in the fourth quarter, according to the company's latest quarterly report in June. Company's revenues are 11.5% of the company's earnings compared to 10% last year.

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